A Reflection

Greetings in Jesus’ Name,

 Do you know how important you are to God? He cares so much about every detail of your life. He cares about your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. In fact, what you are going through is so important to Him that He records every sorrow and collects every tear you’ve shed. Why would God record your sorrows and collect your tears? It’s because He loves you so much. He is your Vindicator. He’s keeping account of every wrong that’s ever been done to you so that He can make up for every single one of them. He wants to restore everything that has ever been stolen. He wants to heal every single hurt and pain. He sees the longings and desires of your heart, and you can rest assured that behind the scenes He is working things out for your good!

I want to remind you today that God is with you. He is on your side. He has your best interest at heart, and He is working to bring restoration and peace to every area of your life. Keep standing, keep believing, and keep doing the right thing because the One who collects your tears will restore every broken place in your life!

—-From I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me Facebook page. (also at  www.VerseInspire.Me)

 We are in a battle, a battle for our minds. The enemy would have us doubt God’s goodness towards us in Christ.

 This weekend we ponder what it cost God to show His love for us. The death of His Son Jesus as the sacrificial lamb to satisfy the judgment of God for our sin. He took our place in death that we might have life and freedom in Him.

 And Sunday we celebrate the resurrection, God proving what Jesus said about Himself by raising Him from the dead.

 Not only is Jesus who He said He was, but we are who He says we are in Him. Let who we are in Christ go deep into your hearts. Let your roots go deep into His love, mercy and grace. And when you do you’ll not only give glory to God, but you are defeating the enemy’s schemes.

 Move towards God regardless of your circumstances, not away from Him. Grow in God. Grow in His freedom for you.

 Happy Resurrection Weekend!