Humor #78

CleanPun – King Arthur’s Unknown Knights

It is a little-known fact that King Arthur had more knights than is usually believed. They included:

~ Sir Face – the devastatingly handsome, but disappointingly shallow knight

~ Sir Pass – Arthur’s best knight of all

~ Sir Port – A great help to all the other knights

~ Sir Culation – A knight who got around a bit – popular at parties

~ Sir Prise – the knight who could always be relied on to do the unexpected

~ Sir Vey – a watchful knight

~ Sir Monise – a rather long-winded and droning knight, but a good, moral sort

~ Sir Cuitous – a knight who approached his duties in a roundabout way

~ Sir Pose – a knight who stands by wild predictions

~ Sir Cumflex – a knight with a strange accent

~ Sir Cumvent – the evasive knight

~ Sir Reen – a calm and cheerful knight

~ Sir Spicious – a paranoid knight

~ Sir Real – a vague and insubstantial knight

~ Sir Cumstances – a knight whose fault it never was

Then there were the non-identical twins – Winter Solstice and Summer Solstice – the longest and shortest knights.