Humor #119

Marriage and Men

– When a man decides to marry, it may be the last decision he’ll ever make.

– Some men who speak with authority at work know enough to bow to a higher authority at home.

– A dish towel will certainly wipe the contented look off a married man’s face.

– Love is the quest, marriage is the conquest, divorce is the inquest.

– An engagement is an urge on the verge of a merge.

– Marriage brings music to a man’s life. He learns to play second fiddle.

– Getting married is one mistake every man should make.

– A well-informed man is one whose wife has just told him what she thinks of him.

– Courtship, unlike proper punctuation, is a period before a sentence.

– The argument you just won with your wife isn’t over yet.

– Before criticizing your wife’s faults, you must remember it may have been these very defects that prevented her from getting a better husband than the one she married!