Humor #151

Teachers About To Retire

You know you’re a teacher about to retire when…

1. Fellow staff members greet you in the hall with, “Oh, stop smiling!”

2. You get up to the checkout counter at Barnes & Noble and you realize you’re buying books you won’t need next year.

3. Your file cabinets are getting lighter, and your circular file is getting heavier.

4. You find yourself saying, “Yes!” whenever an administrator or union officer asks you to be on a committee next year.

5. The custodian has complained to the principal that the trash he removes daily from your room is 10 to 20 times greater than any other room in the building – including the cafeteria.

6. The teachers in the grade below you complain about how horrible their kids are and you just smile.

7. The principal comes in for the final observation of the year and you throw a party for your class with lots of snacks, games and a visit from Frankie the clown.

8. You constantly find other teachers in your room measuring bookcases.

9. When the parent, who has complained about every teacher her kid has ever had, comes up to you and says, “My son is hoping to get you next year,” you just smile!

10. You reflect on all the wonderful moments you had influencing the lives of young people and helping them learn… and praying they’ll have caring teachers like you next year. Smile! Those unruly, wonderful young people will be voting soon!