Humor #610

Not everyone enjoys singing ensembles…

It’s an ‘a-choir-ed’ taste.


The average age of people living in our military retirement community is 85. Recently, a neighbor turned 100, and a big birthday party was thrown. Even his son turned up.

“How old are you?” a tenant asked.

“I’m 81 years old,” the son answered.

The tenant shook her head. “They sure grow up fast, don’t they?”


I took the job at a bakery…

Because I kneaded dough!


My aunt and her 7 year-old daughter, Lisa, were talking at breakfast one morning when Lisa said, “Mommy, how come you have these gray hairs coming in on the top of your head?”

My Aunt replied, “Well sweetie, every time that you make mommy worry or tell a lie, I get a new gray hair.”

Lisa, having this perplexed look on her face, then raises her head to look my aunt straight in the eyes. She then asks, “Is that why grandma is all gray mommy?”