Humor #682

Late for work already, I was annoyed to find a strange car in my reserved parking space again. After locating a spot far away, I stormed into my office determined, to have the car towed. As the morning wore on, however, my anger cooled, and I decided to give the driver another chance.

During lunchtime, I went outside and left this note on the driver’s windshield:

“Please don’t take my parking space. If you do, and your car disappears, don’t say I never towed you!”


When her husband came home unexpectedly, the young wife opened the window and told her lover to jump.

“You’re mad, this is the thirteenth floor!” he replied, shocked.

“Just jump, this is no time for superstitions!”


Carl: I heard a new joke the other day. I wonder if I told it to you?

Lenny: Is it funny?

Carl: Yes.

Lenny: Then you didn’t.


Little Johnny came home from his first day at school.

Little Johnny: I’m not going back tomorrow!

Mom: Why not, what happened?

Little Johnny: Well, I cant read and I can’t write, and they won’t let me talk—so what’s the use?